So, How Do Escape Room Games Work?

After booking your escape room online, be sure to let all members of your group know to meet at Puzzling Escape 15-minutes prior to your scheduled game time. During this time, your Game Master will go over the details of your game, encourage you to use the restroom, and help you sign your waivers. 

Once your whole team has entered the room, your time will start. Work together to gather information, find clues, and solve the puzzles. Communication is key! Remember, you only have 60-minutes to solve the puzzles and escape the room. 

You will have to think outside the box, but you will not have to do anything destructive like taking apart a desk or breaking anything. Remember, another team will be coming in to try the room after you, so please be respectful of the props and room. The Game Master will be able to see and hear your team on the room’s surveillance cameras. 

As you work through the puzzles, you may occasionally get stuck or need a bit of help. The Game Master can give you clues, but you only have three –so choose wisely! If your whole team agrees that they need help, say “Clue, please” and the Game Master will give you a clue.

With good communication, teamwork, and a keen eye, your team has a great chance of escaping. Keep in mind, however, escaping is not guaranteed. Whether you escape or not, we will take a few fun photos after the game ends that we will post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We encourage you to find and tag yourselves, and share your photos so that others can share your excitement and learn about us. Before you leave, don’t forget to play our bonus exit game!

Whether you are a first time escaper, or an enthusiast with experience, we can’t wait to share our games with you. Book your game today, and we’ll see you soon!