Becoming Houdini

Please note: This escape game has dim lighting. Flashlights are provided for your use during the game, if needed.

For generations, Harry Houdini’s escapes have astounded audiences. From handcuffs to straitjackets, there seemed to be no method of restraint that could defeat the legendary escape artist. Some have said that even death itself was no match for Houdini’s spirit.

In this tribute to the world’s most famous escape artist, you will find puzzles, clues, magical secrets, and some facts about Houdini you may not have known. You will witness some magic take place, and you may even perform some magic yourself.

Some say the spirit of Houdini embodies this very room. If you hear some inexplicable noises, or feel a slight breeze caress your cheek, decide for yourself whether it’s your imagination, or if Houdini is trying to perform the ultimate escape.

Nora's nightmare

Please note:  While you may jump or be surprised at some elements, Nora’s Nightmare does not have any gore or blood. This room has dim lighting. Flashlights are provided for your use during the game, if needed. Please ask questions prior to booking this room, if you have any concerns. 

Nora is an imaginative little girl whose dreams have always been filled with unicorns and rainbows, but ever since her special dream catcher went missing from above her bed, she has been having increasingly disturbing dreams.

Now, little Nora is afraid to sleep in her own bedroom. Can you work together as a team to find out what is causing Nora’s nightmares and return her special dream catcher– before it’s lights ou?


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New escape room opening soon


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